JANESVILLE — One person is dead after police say the driver of a vehicle sped through town and crashed near the Interstate.

In a news release posted early Tuesday, police say that officers never turned on their lights or sirens.

According to the news release, a Janesville Police Officer was southbound on N. Parker Drive about 2:40 a.m. Monday, approaching E. Centerway Street.

That’s when police say the saw an eastbound Buick LeSabre was sitting at the flashing red signal for a lengthy period.

The officer turned westbound onto E. Centerway to turn around behind the vehicle. Before the officer could, the vehicle took off at a very high rate of speed toward Milton Ave.

Police say that the officer at no point turned on their emergency red and blue lights or used their siren.  

The officer continued eastbound on E. Centerway toward Milton Avenue at normal speeds. They briefly saw the car as it was turning northbound onto Milton Avenue.

As the officer reached Milton Avenue, they could no longer see it northbound. 

Officers investigating an OWI incident at Refset Drive and Milton Avenue said the vehicle was still northbound on Milton Avenue at approximately 100 mph.

The officers observed the vehicle fishtailing. The vehicle continued northbound.

Other officers in the area continued northbound on Milton Avenue at normal speeds to see if the vehicle had crashed.

These officers also never turned on their emergency red and blue lights or used their sirens to get the vehicle to stop or catch up to it, according to police.

The two northbound officers found the vehicle had crashed on Milton Avenue near the I90 overpass.

The driver, and sole occupant, was ejected during the crash and sustained fatal injuries.

The intersection was shut down for several hours while the crash was investigated.

The Rock County Medical Examiner’s Officer responded to the scene and the victim’s name will be released at a later date.  

Alcohol and speed are believed to be factors in this crash.