JANESVILLE — The city of Janesville issued 46 enforcement citations last month to a landlord and related property owners who this week told residents at many of its properties in Janesville that they had to move.

According to a City of Janesville news release, the local property owner, who the city did not name, recently issued 28-day notices terminating tenancies at many of its 93 residential rental properties in Janesville.

That comes after the city’s Housing Services Division issued 46 enforcement citations on Jan. 28, 2024 to the property owner and related property owners regarding alleged violations concerning some of these rental properties, according to the news release.

If you or someone you know is affected, there are resources available from the city.

Tenants affected should begin by contacting City Housing Services at (608) 755-3065. 

“The City’s resource network has an action plan to reach out to tenants and find assistance best suited for them,” said Nick Faust, assistant to the city manager.

A tenants only meeting with City of Janesville Public Housing, Janesville Boys and Girls Club and ECHO Food Pantry is planned for Friday, Feb. 16, 2024.

The Housing Services Division has begun contacting the tenants who may have received 28-day termination notices to help connect them to services, if necessary.

The division will work collaboratively with the community’s network of service providers to assist those impacted. 

The School District of Janesville is aware of the situation and has provided the city’s housing team with information on the types of resources the district can provide families in transition, according to Patrick Gasper, Public Information Officer.

See the resources here: https://www.janesville.k12.wi.us/departments/student-services/homeless-information).