JANESVILLE — The City of Janesville plans to acquire and prepare the area to pave the way for new development at the former General Motors campus area.

The city council will consider approving a relocation order at its next meeting on Monday, February 26.

A relocation order is required by law for the city to acquire properties and prepare areas to be redeveloped.

It’s approval launches the process necessary to revitalize the GM plant campus.

“These are vital next steps to revitalize the former GM area, a major hub of our community,” City Manager Kevin Lahner said in the news release.

“This is an opportunity to continue to rebuild our legacy. The benefits of this step allow us to control our destiny, access to other funding sources, and build a vision together,” Lahner said.

“Collectively, we can create a site that is ready to market, develop, see additional investments in the surrounding areas, and ultimately improve the quality of life.”

Last year, the City Plan Commission and city council approved the creation of a blighted tax incremental district No. 42 around the former GM/JATCO area, which has sat dormant for years, to assist the city in eliminating blight and attracting new development.

The land acquisition and planning of the campus area are expected to be completed within the next 18 months.