President Joe Biden during a visit last week to Madison, Wisconsin.

MADISON — Despite an avalanche of negative coverage from national media following his recent debate appearance, support for President Joe Biden remains steady among potential swing-state voters.

While the first 2024 presidential debate appeared to alarm some Democratic leaders and dominate national news headlines, a new Bloomberg News poll of swing-state voters shows the matter has done little to change the underlying dynamics of the contest.

The poll released Saturday, July 6, 2024 shows Biden leads former President Donald Trump in Wisconsin and Michigan, cementing several months of slightly improved performance, but has no advantage in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

That said, among all swing-state voters a majority of Democrats remain committed to Biden, with only 29% of Democrats saying Biden should drop out of the race.

In the aggregate, Biden continues to underperform Trump among each candidate’s respective 2020 voters and their own party bases, while the two presumptive nominees are splitting independent voters almost evenly.

Morning Consult is conducting a monthly seven-state study in 2024 political swing states for Bloomberg News to uncover where voters stand on key issues surrounding the presidential election.