Janesville's "Dump Buck"
Nature’s Touch Taxidermy photo

JANESVILLE — A well-documented deer living by the Janesville Landfill that was illegally killed in 2021 has now been mounted as a remembrance.

Back in October of 2021, a Wisconsin DNR Warden and a Janesville Police Department Sergeant opened a joint investigation into the killing of a well-documented deer living near the Janesville City Landfill. 

Through investigation, information was obtained through interviews, social media and cell phone applications, and a suspect was charged and prosecuted.

As the investigation unfolded and details were obtained police learned the buck was shot from a climbing tree stand on Universal Forest Product’s property.  The buck died approximately 80 yards away on land managed by Lycon. 

A “trophy” photo of the deer and the shooter were taken and shared on social media. 

A specific American Transmission Power pole was seen in the background of the photo.  This pole was identified by a local electric company employee. 

The suspect did not have permission to be on either property. 

Locations of cellular camera photographs owned by the shooter were also located.  Those cameras were also placed on property which he did not have permission to be on. 

A Warden from Wisconsin DNR seized the buck, affectionately known as the Dump Buck, from a taxidermist in northern Wisconsin back in 2021 and it remained in evidence until July of 2023. 

The buck was recently taken to Nature’s Touch Taxidermy in Milton. 

They graciously donated their time and materials to mount the buck for educational purposes. 

The buck mount was completed this week and turned over to the Janesville Police Department who will maintain possession of it.