MADISON — Voters across Wisconsin approved 62 of the 103 school district referenda this spring, but the 60.2% approval rate was the lowest in a midterm or presidential election year since 2010.

The trend likely will be analyzed closely by Janesville school officials.

Although no decisions have yet been made, the School District of Janesville Board of Education says a future building referendum is a possibility.

According to a new report from the Wisconsin Policy Forum, more districts asked to increase property taxes for operations rather than capital needs, a sign of the stress they are facing from inflation, state caps on their revenues, declining enrollment and the expiration of federal pandemic aid.

The number of referenda was the most since 2000.

Wisconsin voters in February and April cast ballots for 103 school district referenda, approving 62 of them (60.2%).

If fall 2024 referenda fare similarly, that passage rate would be an increase from last year’s 55.4% approval but the lowest in a mid-term or presidential election year since 2010.