Tru by Hilton Janesville photo

JANESVILLE — A stuffed animal named Bear Bear that accidentally was left at the new Tru by Hilton in Janesville has been returned to its 11-year-old owner after the hotel shared photos of the tiny bear’s adventure.

According to a post by John Yarzagaray in the Janesville Community Group, his daughter had accidentally left the stuffed bear at the hotel.

Yarzagaray gave the following shoutout in the Facebook group:

My 11-year-old daughter lost her beloved Bear Bear. I contacted the hotel and they were amazing. I can’t say enough about this great group of people. They called me as soon as they found Bear Bear and offered to ship him to us.

My wife decided to just make the 100-mile trip and pick him up in person (I had to stay behind for work). When we got there, they had Bear Bear dressed in a Tru shirt and Tru sunglasses.

They had taken photos of him doing various tasks (including sleeping on the job) and printed them out for my daughter. Oh there’s more. They made him buttons that said “Honorary GM for the day” and “Hello there My name is Bear Bear”.

And they even left a hand-written note. They laughed and smiled as they recounted Bear Bear’s overnight adventures at the hotel. When Danielle called to let me know they found him, she sounded just as excited as I was! I wish I knew all your names but to Michael, Danielle, Jacob, and the rest, thank you so much for your kindness, professionalism, and humanity.

You made what started out as a very sad day for a little girl into one heck of a fun and memorable day instead. They didn’t have to do any of that. But they did. You’ve all restored my faith in humanity. I hope they all get raises.

The hotel shared photos of the bear at various places in the building in a photo album called “The great adventures of Bear Bear.”

“We love a good reunion. Thank you, John, for making our hearts smile over just doing our job. You, your family, and our new bestie Bear Bear please come back and see us again,” the hotel responded in its own Facebook post.